Become a Sponsor or Donate

your generosity is the start of a childs journey of healing
Help a child be heard
Many children are unable to receive the help they need due to financial barriers. This has an effect on them recognising their potential and learning to manage their feelings and emotions. Sponsors like you make it possible for them to get help.
Counsellors are empowered
Private counsellors who are passionate about helping children and young people face the reality of having to reduce their fees. Many barriers can stop a child or young person receive help. By Hope for the Children funding the amount required, the counsellors are empowered.
You get a Tax Receipt
All money contributed to Hope For the Children is being managed by CDN trust. This entitles you to receive a tax receipt at the end of the financial year, a 33% refund on the total contribution. We will retain your details and send you a tax receipt at the end of the financial year.
Notified of the Impact
We are committed to keeping you updated on the impact that Hope For the Children is having. Each term there will be a newsletter sent to you showing the impact your funding is having and the ripples being created. We also have a facebook which we update regularly.